Cookies Policy

. Description

Our Web Site uses cookies. Cookies are small files consisting of letters and figures, and are loaded in your computer when you visit our web site. These cookies help us to distinguish you, offer you the best possible surfing experience, and help us to improve the process. Cookies develop your experience in surfing our website as follows:

• Settings are remembered in previously visited pages
• User data (e.g. zip code) are remembered to avoid repetitive entry.
• Your surfing habits are analyzed, hence you can be offered a customized layout to easily find what you search and satisfy your expectation

2. What cookies do we use and how?

2.1 Measuring the website use

- Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to figure out how visitors use our website. This is meant to reveal how we can fully satisfy user expectations and upgrade the process.

Google Analytics stores data relating to the previously visited websites, duration of visit, channel used to access to the website, and number of your clicks. However, we never store any private information including your name and address so that you are not automatically identified. In addition, we do not allow Google to use or share your analytics data.

The following cookies are installed by Google Analytics:


2.2. Offering a better experience

Our website uses the JavaScript technology that helps to display site content in a better appearance. The website checks the JavaScipt support of your browser and installs a cookie to determine your duration of visit.

For this purpose, the following cookies are installed:


3. Managing the cookies

When you visit our website, you automatically accept our cookies. Alternatively, as described below, you can choose what cookies to accept:

Browser settings: Many browsers have specific settings to block cookies, but this may restrict your experience as it may avoid proper functioning of some features of our site (as well as other websites).

These settings are generally included in the “settings” or “options” menu of your browser. The following links may help you figure out these settings, otherwise you should use the “Help” menu of your browser.

Turn off anonymous Google Analystics cookies: To prevent the submission of data about your website visit to Google Analytics, you can install the Google Analytics browser “add-in”. For more information, please see the following.

Other useful links

Below are some useful links to find more information about cookies and their use: