Support for Vocational Training, Support for a Bright Future Project


"Support for Vocational Training, Support for a Bright Future" Project

Qualified labor has a crucial role in industrial development. Highly experience labor to be feeding efficient production can only yield more competent results through ties with Vocational Training and Industrial organizations. With the "Support for Vocational Training, Support for a Bright Future Project", we have been making major contributions to vocational training for long, and assuming responsibilities in this field for vocational education and students through efforts structured in three phases.


  • Setting up laboratories to "Support" competent vocational training for students
  • Coaching students to "Support" their career and social life
  • Providing employment opportunities to "Support" students for success in their life.


  • * We joined the Vocational Schools: A Matter of Country project led by Koç Holding.
  • 20 employees received vocational coaching training.
  • 20 employees coached 100 vocational school students.
  • Electricity-Electronics laboratories were set up at Etiler İSOV Dinçkök, Kartal Atalar, Samandıra and Sancaktepe Eyüp Sultan Vocational Schools to serve approximately 1500 students.
  • Samandıra, Kartal and İSOV Dinçkök Vocational Schools were involved in the coaching program through collaboration.
  • Practice Books for Vocational School students were printed and distributed free of charge.


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