Local Development Project “For a Bright Sancaktepe


Local Development Project “For a Bright Sancaktepe"

Sustainable development covers the process for improving human life, environmental enhancements and accessibility to education. Along this viewpoint, we highly value local development and run various projects and sponsorships in an attempt to contribute as much as possible to our region.

The initial steps of the project were laid when we sponsored the Ibni Sina Primary School in 1998.


  • Rendering İbni Sina Primary School an educational compound for all residents of the Osmangazi Neighborhood, home to a population of 30,000
  • Developing projects to be contributing to the quality of education at Sancaktepe suffering disadvantages
  • Ensuring that students unable to go further in their educational life after Primary School level due to socioeconomic factors continue their study at vocational training schools, contributing to their employment and self-development, and hence helping them to grow as competent individuals of the society
  • Helping 1000 illiterate women in the region in gaining literacy by 2020,
  • Supporting all Primary Schools in Sancaktepe.


  • Literacy for Women For a Bright Sancaktepe campaign yielded 250 adult literate women.
  • Approximately 4,000 students in the region took part in myriad of cultural and social tours, primarily including Çanakkale and Anıtkabir tours.
  • In an aim to create projects for improving the educational quality in Sancaktepe, the project contest titled “Teachers! Share your Light!” was held. The contest produced 5 finalists, all of which were worthy of the first place.
  • Karre Kids Cartoon Workshop was formed to contribute to the social and artistic development of the students of İbni Sina primary school.
  • The attendees of the Karre Kids Cartoon Workshop have already completed their 3rd self-made film on energy efficiency.


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