For the Sake of a Bright Future


Energy Efficiency at Schools Projects "For a Bright Future"

Passing on a more habitable world to future generations is a responsibility for all of us. In our world, natural resources are rapidly depleting, stressing the criticality of energy efficiency, sustainable development and competitiveness. Therefore, for the sake of a "Brighter Future", it is vital to raise the awareness of primary school students in the efficient use of energy and responsible use of natural resources.

The project was launched upon the cooperation protocol signed between Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey and the Istanbul Directorate for National Education in 2012.


  • To raise awareness among primary and secondary school students in energy efficiency, natural resources, global warming and recycling.
  • To provide access for 1,000,000 primary school students to the Children’s Theater on Energy Efficiency.
  • To present Energy Management trainings to the management and teachers of primary and secondary schools in Istanbul.
  • To achieve quantifiable reduction in energy consumption at primary and secondary schools in Istanbul.

Children′s Theater is set to reach 1 million students through the play titled "For a Bright Future"! Staged by an experienced cast directed by Tutku Kalem, pedagogue, the play addresses energy efficiency, conservation of natural resources, recycling and protection against electrical accidents at home. Thanks to this play aimed at educating while entertaining, kids have fun while getting armed with an awareness in their responsible role for energy efficiency.

"Adventures of the heroes, Zeliş, Ali and the Genius Squirrel, are coming soon to your school too!"


  • Children′s Theater for a Bright Future was founded.
  • School Energy Manager′s Training was offered to 1500 school representatives.
  • Project banners and other visuals were distributed to 1500 schools.
  • Student Clubs for Energy Efficiency were created at 1500 schools.
  • project web site was built.
  • Project was launched.
  • An average of 15% decrease in energy consumption was achieved in primary schools throughout Istanbul.
  • In December 2013, the project was named the best project by the Turkish CSR Association.
  • 800 schools participated in the Exemplary Schools for Energy Efficiency contest.
  • The play themed Energy Efficiency was staged by the Children′s Theater to 450.000 Primary School Students for free.


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