For the sake of a more
habitable environment



As the essential part of sustainability defined as a corporate asset, our core goal is to conduct all operations in an environment-friendly manner without excessive use of resources and without jeopardizing the sources for future generations.

  • As an organization committed to using energy and natural resources efficiently, taking measures to prevent environmental damage from wastes, creating a more habitable environment and raising social awareness to this end, we implement all business processes, starting right from product design, in an environment-friendly fashion.
  • Our headquarter is designed to have glazed construction with thermal control and efficient use of daylight, and fulfills all green design requirements including ventilation system, control of water use and green areas.
  • Thanks to the low-e thermal control coating on the facade glass of the building, daylight and heat can be utilized to the utmost, contributing to energy efficiency.
  • Thanks to our building automation system offering great advantages for energy efficiency, heating, cooling and ventilation systems can be controlled online. Moreover, energy analyzers deployed throughout the facilities help to closely monitor system consumption, develop Efficiency-Enhancing Projects and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The Solar Energy System in our industrial facilities yields an annual energy saving of 28,800 kWh, and energy generated is employed to produce hot water and heat pool water.


Boasting distinctive applications in the field of energy efficiency and environmental awareness, the company was granted with the Green Office diploma issued by WWF-Turkey, as an unprecedented instance in the market.

The WWF-Turkey Green Office Program helps to identify current resource use by offices and aims to build up an efficient resource management, thereby reducing environmental impacts. Thanks to this program, energy consumption in the highly-occupied offices is reduced while environmental impacts are minimized in favor of energy savings.