Hand in hand with employees
destined to a safe future


With a view to developing its human resources and organization in an efficient and satisfactory level in line with its strategic plans and objectives, and also to building up a corporate culture fostering teamwork, change and innovation, the company;

  • Plans its Human Resources in line with its strategies and objectives; employs competence-based objective methods; and prioritizes equality of opportunities in Selection and Placement processes through the "Right Person for the Right Job" principle.
  • Implements efficient Training and Skill Development programs aimed at enhancing and sustaining the competences and creative skills of employees.
  • Objectively gauges employee performance, and recognizes individual contributions to departmental and corporate goals as well as potentials, in order to encourage best performance.
  • Provides new work models and harmonized working environments to ensure most efficient realization of true potentials of employees.
  • Guides employees towards success; supports and awards individual and team work in order to foster participation.
  • Consolidates internal communication through various activities and, social and cultural events boosting employee motivation and fostering integrity and interaction.
  • Considers the families of our employees as further contributors to our success.
  • Takes into account and abides by all regulations regarding occupational health and safety; and diligently takes essential measures for a safe work environment.