R&D Center approved by the Ministry of Science,
Industry and Technology

R&D Policy

Since the very first day of its incorporation, Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey focuses on and highly prioritizes R&D and design efforts. Our R&D Center approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, and our talents are equipped with the speed and background to devise distinctive solutions for each specific country.
The speed to combine OUR COMPANY’S product diversity with quality turns into a major advantage as it offers the capability of meeting global preferences, and streamlines our dynamics for offering new products. The Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey R&D Center keeps launching highly-innovative TUBITAK-supported TEYDEP projects as well as San-Tez projects under the university-industry cooperation.

R&D Policy

  • We coordinate our R&D operations in conformity with legal regulations and in line with our corporate vision, mission and strategies.
  • We constantly explore new technologies and design energy-efficient innovative products set to help the company compete in the global arena.
  • In all designs, innovation and patenting are our primary principles, and we maintain our target of being a patented design leader in the Turkish industry.
  • We design practical, environment-friendly and cost-effective products without sacrificing product standards and security.
  • We translate emerging project ideas immediately into customer-pleasing products.
  • We consider our corporate R&D secrets, and respect confidentiality and reliability.
  • We employ incentive mechanisms for new product projects to help continued development of our R&D center.
  • We elaborate projects to cultivate and reinforce cooperation with universities.
  • We recognize the achievements of the R&D staff, and encourage them for their Master and Doctorate studies.


  • Trademarks: The company boasts a high number of registered and pending trademarks, 97 being in Turkey and 24 abroad.
  • Industrial Designs: The company is the owner of 41 local pending industrial designs. Also there are various applications for registration abroad for 45 industrial designs.
  • Patents and Utility Models: Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey is the owner of 53 registered and 58 pending Patents and Utility Models.


One of the most effective tools to turn the knowledge background into production is the university-industry cooperation. Greatly contributing to the practical application of basics and theory taught in universities, this cooperation has a major role in the life and business success of students. And Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey R&D Center constantly collaborates with Universities in an aim to implement exemplary projects, supporting young minds and unleashing their potential.

Universities Collaborated for Various Projects
  • Doğuş University
  • Marmara University
  • Yıldız Technical University
  • Kocaeli University
  • Yalova University
  • Istanbul Technical University
  • Bilgi University


In our laboratory equipped with sophisticated equipment and operating in line with the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 “Laboratory Competence Standard”, an extensive set of processes including test, analysis, R&D and certification efforts for all products are elaborately carried out.

In addition, all product verification processes are conducted by our laboratory in line with CE compliance, and prominent certification bodies of the market such as VDE, NF, ÖVE, EAC and KEMA are partnered to this end.

In our laboratory, electrical, mechanical, thermal, service life and electromagnetic compatibility tests are conducted in line with National and International standards.

Our Laboratory has acquired
  • TSE Contracted Laboratory certificate
  • TSE Manufacturing Laboratory certificate
  • Registered Manufacturing Laboratory certificate (TDAP) by VDE, the test and certification body of Germany.
Thanks to these certificates, our laboratory is legally competent to conduct certification tests for new products under the surveillance of the staff from the certification body, and is capable of fulfilling customer expectations expediently.