Excellence in all processes



The company adopts the EFQM Excellence Model as a part of its management philosophy.
In order to implement the Total Quality Management culture as a lifestyle during the years of streamlined growth, current values of the company have been defined through a corporate culture inventory. Through a yearly self-assessment, our strengths and areas of improvement are identified, action plans are created accordingly, and hence process performances are consistently enhanced. Harnessing advantages offered by modern digital technologies for the sake of a more effective management of the interaction between processes, databases have been created, yielding a high-speed and reliable data flow.

In an aim to implement Total Quality Management efforts in a more systematic and participative fashion for higher and country-wide achievements, we have signed a goodwill memorandum for National Quality Initiative with KalDer, the unique non-governmental organization acting in this area to launch cooperative actions.

Our company is the first in its sector to implement the EFQM Excellent Model along with a consistently maintained and enhanced product quality concept. In 2005, Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey crowned its sectoral achievements by winning the TUSIAD-Kalder National Quality Award.


As Panasonic Electric Works Turkey, we design, produce and deliver to the world market, innovative products as well as human oriented life solutions that increase comfort, safety and energy efficiency levels while taking into consideration the satisfaction of all our stakeholders.
In line with “Live Your Best” goal, we act in accordance with the requirements of our organization, standards, laws and applicable requirements.
  • We take the necessary measures to eliminate and reduce the dangers by evaluating risks and opportunities within the scope of management systems by providing consultation and participation with the opinions of employees and employee representatives.
  • We strive to achieve customer satisfaction with a customer-oriented approach.
  • We are committed to evaluating, resolving and giving feedback to customer complaints.
  • We ensure safe and healthy working conditions in order to prevent work-related injury and deterioration of health.
  • We conduct environmentalist and recycling-oriented production with the sustainability approach within the scope of pollution prevention and environmental protection.
  • We ensure minimized waste generation, reuse, recycling, recovery and disposal by conducting reduction at the source in waste management.
  • We ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of our corporate information, protect personel data in all process.
  • We plan and implement approaches that will increase the awareness of our stakeholders within the scope of our Management Systems.
  • With the aim of leaving a more sustainable world to future generations, we carry out social responsibility projects to fulfill our economic, social and environmental responsibilities.
In line with our vision, strategy and objectives, we ensure the participation of all our employees and stakeholders, and continuously improve our activities with a sustainable and accountable approach.


  • We determine purposes and targets for Information Security in accordance with our vision, strategies and targets.
  • We provide the requirements of information security resulted from executing the national, international regulations, necessities of legal and related statute, meeting the obligations caused by agreements, and corporate responsibilities for internal and external stakeholders.
  • We research about new technologies for information management continuously and apply the technologically appropriate solutions to our organization.
  • We evaluate the risks on information assets and manage them.
  • We protect our organization against to all internal, external threats related with information security.
  • We provide the security of confidential information belonged to our organization, customers and suppliers.
  • We generate quick solutions for our consumers’ needs and offer them.
  • We based on the reliable, factual information on our decisions by providing the integrity, confidentiality and usability of the information.
  • We provide our consumers a safe access for up to date information.
  • We execute the necessary sanctions in case of violation of information security.
  • We control, follow and measure the Information Security Management System and provide continuous improvement.
  • We inform all employees for increasing the efficiency of Information Security Management System and support with trainings.


As Panasonic Electric Works Turkey, we implement an effective “Energy Management System (EnMS)” for the efficent use and evaluation of energy, taking essential safeguards against energy consumption, monitoring energy consumption, keeping it under control and continuously improvement energy performance and we support continuous improvement.
We handle and manage energy use, consumption, and efficiency in our Energy Management System by taking into account the applicable legal and other conditions that we are required to follow in terms of energy use, consumption, and efficiency.
Our Energy System Policy:

  • According to our organization's energy use and consumption structure and scale,
  • For all information and resources required to achieve our goals and objectives to exist and be usable,
  • Establishing a frame for organize and reviewing our energy goals and objectives
  • Supporting the purchase of energy-efficient products and services in order to improve energy efficiency, as well as the design of energy-efficient products and services
  • With the goal of educating our employees on energy conservation and efficiency, as well as instilling energy-saving habits in them,
  • Documented, provided to stakeholders, and evaluated on a regular basis,
  • We are dedicated to consistently improving our energy performance and EnMS by improving energy efficiency and effectiveness while taking risks and opportunities into account with our Energy Management System Policy.


We, as Panasonic Electric Works Turkey, deem Customer Satisfaction as a part of continuous improvement.
We handle and manage Customer Complaints, considering customer focus, confidentiality, transparency, objectivity principles and national and international standard/legal requirements.
We promise to apply an effective “Customer Complaint Management Process” with the purpose of transforming Customer Complaints into customer satisfaction and support continuous improvement by allocating sources necessary for improving this process.

Customer Complaint Management Process

  • Customer Complaints are communicated to Customer Relations Department together with product images (video or photos) through channels like Web Address ( Hotline, Live Support, Complaint Platforms, Social Media.
  • Products which are the subject of the complaint are claimed to be sent to our facility for examination, if it’s possible.
  • Communicated complaints are recorded to Customer Relations Management (CRM) program and complainant is informed via e-mail or SMS.
  • For the case which is subject of the complaint to be examined, complaint record, video or images and also product(s) are delivered to the related departments.
  • In necessary cases where it’s not possible for customer to share the product or product images etc., carries out on-site examination.
  • Cases which are the subject of the customer complaint are examined by related departments.
  • The period for solving customer complaints is 5 business days.
  • For complaints examination of which takes more than 3 business days, complainant is informed via e-mail or SMS.
  • When the complaint is solved, complainant is informed via e-mail or SMS.
  • In the cases which notification exceeds 5 business days or complaint status is claimed complainant may obtain information from hotline by providing CRM number.
  • Information on closure of complaint is obtained from complainant by conducting a survey on through a phone call, made 2 business days after this information is provided.
Customer complaints are analyzed and necessary actions are performed so as to increase customer satisfaction and improve Customer Complaint Management Process.