Infusing innovation into the company’s genes
in the form of a corporate culture



Adopting excellence as its core standard and supporting the development and creativity of its staff, Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey pursues sustainable improvement as a life style. The company runs the INNOVIKO (Innovation Management) project in an aim to infuse innovation into its genes as a corporate culture, deriving results with measurable benefits, and creating a competitive advantage.

As an action-oriented enterprise, Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey implements innovation as a part of its commitment to realizing its vision and mission, satisfying customer and employee expectations and attaining objectives defined by strategies

Targeting to turn out to be a globally-competitive proactive enterprise in addition to being a leader in the Turkish market, Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey creates favorable settings for creativity and innovation through the INNOVIKO Certificate Program, VI I have an Idea System, Teamwork and Recognition, Appreciation and Rewarding System.

Innovative business organizations need the involvement of all staff where they share the same vision and are satisfied with the environment they are in. To achieve this, innovation is encouraged by all leaders in OUR COMPANY.


As reiterated by our corporate values and corporate culture, in an aim to ensure and encourage the involvement of employees in the improvement process, we use a suggestion assessment system called “VI I have and Idea”.

In order to encourage participation in this system, the Recognition, Appreciation and Rewarding System is actively employed.

In this system, all Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey employees can make suggestions on any matter personally or as a team.

Once suggestions are submitted, the Suggestion Assessment Committee processes them and coordinates all actions to be taken in connection with a specific suggestion.

During the assessment of new suggestions, innovative ideas are selected and formed into a systematic project ending up with contributing applications. The INNOVIKO system is built upon 7 core genes that the Innovation DNA should accommodate.

"Each person and each company can be innovative as long as company’s DNA meets the innovation DNA."

Innovative ideas are structured into projects for implementation by innovation project teams comprised of individuals who have successfully completed the Innovation Certification.

Brain storming, 5N2K, bionic innovation, combination methodologies, reverse innovation, technology transplantation and the Triz methodology are employed in the innovation projects.

In the Triz methodology; Ideality, S-Curve Analysis, 9 Window Tool, Functional Analysis, Contradiction Matrix, 39x39 Contradiction Matrix, 40 Invention Principle, Su-F Analysis, 76 Invention Standard and ARIZ tools are employed.

Once the innovation projects are complete, the company launches the innovative applications.

Projects are evaluated by the Innovation Committee for creativity/innovation, added value and feasibility.

And finally, project teams are rewarded according to the Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey Recognition, Appreciation, Rewarding System criteria.