The thrill of always launching
precedents in the market


Elaborating projects across its intrinsic values of product quality, highly valued customer expectations, innovative concepts and the thrill of always launching the precedents in the market, Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey boasts myriad of highly prestigious awards both in the local and international arena, primarily including the TUSIAD KalDer National Quality Award.

  • 2016 (Respect for Human Award)
  • 2015 (CSR Award) CSRA
  • 2015 (Green Facility Award) Healthy Cities Network
  • 2015 (Super Brands Awards) Super Brands Turkey
  • 2015 (Respect for Human Award)
  • 2014 (ISO Innovation Grand Award) ISO
  • 2014 (Respect for Human Award)
  • 2013 (CSR Award - Grand Prize in the Stakeholder Category ) CSRA
  • 2013 (Innovation and Creating an Innovative Culture Award) Peryön
  • 2013 (First Place in the Run For the Peace Marathon) Kadir Has University / CSRA
  • 2013 (TSE Quality Silver Award) TSE
  • 2013 (Respect for Human Award)
  • 2013 ((The Most Successful Volunteer Program) CSR-Employee Volunteering , Corporate Volunteers Association
  • 2012 (PERYÖN Best Performance Award) Performance Management Awards, PERYÖN
  • 2012 (Füsem HR Awards) Performance Management Awards, Füsem
  • 2012 (Füsem HR Awards) Motivation Management Awards, Füsem
  • 2012 (Kaizen Award) Cycle Teamwork, Kalder
  • 2012 (Novella S Slider Dimmer) Design Turkey, Design Turkey
  • 2012 (”Giant Miracle of Tiny Pins” Green Product) Pagev Grand Prize, Pagev
  • 2012 (Novella - Green Product) RAF Award, Arkiter